Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Group Therapy: Session One.

The other day here on the blog, a Friend Of posed a work-related question to the others. We collectively gave her some advice, which I believe she has taken to heart and will use to improve her career. It was a textbook example of many helping one.[1] It was lovely, and it in some small ways restored my faith in this blog's mission.

I hate using terms like "Group Therapy" because that has a certain clinical connotation that turns many off, but so what. Black people have had this stigma about getting/asking for help for decades, and it doesn't really help us. We assume asking for professional help is "sh*t white folks do", and ignore some serious issues in our communities as a result. While it still lags far behind the rate of whites, the levels of suicide in the black community have skyrocketed in recent years. In short, we need help, and helping each other is a way to do so. Your issue might be about relationships, family, your job, self image, whatever. We're here to help.

With all that said, I'd like to experiment with a new feature here that I'll call Group Therapy. It works like this:
1) If you have a dilemma, situation, or issue that you'd like the advice of others on, leave a comment below.
2) If you can help, chime in white well reasoned, helpful, and earnest advise in the thread below the original issue comment.
3) If you're a regular and you want confidentiality, leave your comment as a guest. We are not here to judge.
4) Be descriptive when explaining the issue. People are more likely to help if you give the necessary detail.
5) This is not a political thread. This a about relationships. If you don't know the difference, don't comment.
6) Play nicely. This is not a forum for trolls, male/female bashers, or for people to project their own issues.
Okay the floor is open. Speak on it.

Question: Do you have an "issue" you'd like to toss out there for Group Therapy?!? Let us know.

[1] Note: I'm not in any way equating giving someone workplace advice to giving someone counseling/mental health advice. Monday's question simply gave me the general idea for this new feature. That's all.

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