Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yet Another Plane Crash. Will You Stop Flying?!?

What's up with all these planes crashing lately? This morning in Alabama, a UPS cargo plane crashed, killing the pilot and co-pilot. A few weeks ago, a particularly horrific incident occurred with a small prop plane crashed into a Connecticut home, killing a 13 and 1 year old. And of course there were deadly crashes earlier this year at San Francisco and LaGuardia.

My Day Job requires frequent travel. I accept the possibility that I might not return home (in one piece) each time I board a plane. I've gotten so used to flying over the years that it's hardly a second thought, and seldom if ever induces any level of anxiety.[1] But I'd be lying if I told you I didn't say a quick prayer and brace myself everytime my flight prepares for landing. Thankfully (and obviously) this has worked out fairly well for me thus far.

I'm not one of those "when it's your time you gotta go" people, but I do accept that when I board a flight, I'm to some degree putting my fate in the hands of someone else. Someone else who may be operating on miminal sleep, intoxicated, disgruntled, or just plain inexperienced. This sounds harrowing, but then again, so does driving everywhere, John Madden style. And we know more people meet their fate behind the wheel than via the air.

So yeah, it is what it is. Maybe NTSB looks into this spate of seemingly unavoidable incidents and devises some new standards to minimize the possibility of these happening in the future. Maybe not. I'm just gonna keep flying in the meantime.

And praying. Definitely praying.

Question: Does this recent spate of aviation accidents discourage you from flying? Are you scared of flying in the first place?

[1] One thing I'd advice everyone to never do: Watching plane crash-related movies, while on a plane. I tried to watch that Denzel movie "Flight" a few months ago, while in the air. Not exactly a wise idea.

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