Monday, August 26, 2013

The 10 Biggest Robberies In History.

Whenever someone utters the word “crime” the first thing that pops in many people’s heads is the heist or robbery. Whether carried out by lowly criminals or sophisticated professionals, in TV or in real life, robberies and heists have captivated us for many years. As you may imagine, the most compelling heists and robberies have involved elaborate planning and eye-popping sums of money being stolen (used diamonds aren’t enough for these high caliber thieves) from secured vaults. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest robberies in history.

10. John Dillinger’s Heist (over $75 million). Probably the most famous robber from the depression-era, John Dillinger stole several hundred thousand dollars from banks in the early 1930’s. His biggest robbery took place at the Central Nation Bank and Trust Company of Greencastle, Indiana, where he went away with over $75,000 in stolen cash.

9. Antwerp Diamond heist (over $100 million). Also known as the “heist of the century”, this elaborated crime was carried out by Leonardo Notarbartolo and his team of professional thieves. Notarbartolo and his crew were able to pull off one of the most expensive diamond heists in history.

8. Harry Winston ($108 million). Four armed men (3 of which were dressed in women’s clothing) entered a famous jewelry store (“Jeweler to the Stars”) just a few minutes before closing. After swiping the most expensive display cases, they forced staff to loot the storage area, where millions worth of jewels were kept.

7. Schipol Airport ($118 million). Four men disguised themselves as KLM Royal Dutch Airline employees and drove a KLM truck that had just hauled in uncut diamonds due to be delivered to Antwerp. They had no setbacks and managed to get away with $118 million worth in diamonds.

6. E.G. Bührle Art Museum Robbery (almost $139 million). Three men in ski masks managed to get inside E.G. Bührle Art Museum in Zurich and took with them four different paintings that were valued at nearly $139 million.

5. Knightsbridge Security Deposit ($174 million). The Italian Valerio Viccei and an accomplice entered the Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre and asked to rent a Safe Deposit Box. Afterwards they managed to subdue the guards and proceeded to steal $174 million.

4. Baghdad Bank Robbery ($282 million). It is believed that 3 guards at the Dar Es Salaam bank went away with $282 million. It is suspected that they had the assistance of the militia.

3. Boston Museum ($300 million). Two men disguised as police officers convinced 2 inexperienced security guards at the Gardner Museum to let them in. The faux police officers then handcuffed the security guards without using any weaponry and calmly stole several pieces of art worth over $300 million.

2. City Bonds Robbery (£292 million). John Goddard was a 58 year old messenger that was delivering Bank of England Treasury bills from banks and building societies. He was mugges while carrying a briefcase with more than 301 treasury bills worth £1 million each.

1. Central Bank of Iraq ($1 billion). The largest robbery in history was also one of the most simple. Shortly after the bombing of Iraq, Saddam Hussein sent his son to make a withdrawal on his behalf with a handwritten note. Qusay couldn’t make it very far, as he was killed by US forces while Saddam was in hiding. US troops found more than $650 million hidden in the walls of one of his palaces. The remaining $350 million has been lost.


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