Wednesday, August 21, 2013 NewsBriefs.

Yes, I'm on vacation (yet) again. It's the end of the summer, so this is likely the last breather. In the interim, I appreciate everyone who has kept this blog moving along after what's been a very sporadic month of postings. Things will get back to their prolific normals soon. For now, a few links for the road.

Fox and Friends: Where’s the Outrage From Sharpton, Obama on Chris Lane? - The killing of Chris Lane by three thugs who "just wanted to shoot someone" is a tragedy. The man was just out for a job, and three morons gunned him down. There are no early indications this is a hate crime, but it doesn't matter because these three will be tried as adults, and will not be seeing the light of day anytime soon. That said, the Conservative narrative that this is a counterpoint to the Trayvon Martin shooting is nonsensical and simply reinforces what I've known all along: this is actually about President Obama. Not Martin, not Zimmerman. Some people's hatred of the POTUS is so strong that any issue even remotely involving a black person is immediately polarizing and some people can simply not view such issues beyond any lense other than that of their Obama hatred. And that's a really, really, really sad commentary on where we are as a country.

Terrified parents waited for word in Ga. school shooting; 20-year-old suspect charged - This story just makes me wanna pray and go listen to "Straight From The Dec" on repeat for a few hours. Thank you Lord, this bumbling idiot didn't actually harm anyone. And thank you Jesus for the school employee who was calm enough to talk this disturbed individual out of doing anything crazy. Antoinette Tuff, you are my Shero. This song's for you.

Bill O’Reilly Grills Murdered Girl’s Father on ‘Madness’ of Rejecting Stop-and-Frisk - Staying on that topic, the Conservative outrage about Stop And Frisk laws being deems illegal in NYC is equally moronic. I won't bother discussing S&F stats here, look them up yourself. It's clear the law violates the rights of innocent people, and it's quite unclear that it's responsible for the drop in NYC murders. Violent crimes nationwide are at 40 year lows, but many on the right are defending the right for cops to pat down innocent Americans for no reason at all. These were the same people upset about NSA wiretapping laws designed to prevent us from being attacked. Apparently, civil liberties don't matter much when it comes to Negroes. Again, call me nuts, but I'm thinking Obama/Holder Derangement Syndrome is somewhere at play here.

"The Butler" Director Lee Daniels Says America Is Still Racist. Conservatives Disagree. - Uhhh, just go watch this bullsh*t for yourself.

Rapper The Game Unveils New Tattoo in Honor of Trayvon Martin - This guy really shoulda read Monday's story. Seriously, Jayceon? Really?

Republican Maine Governor Allegedly Said Obama ‘Hates White People’ - But we're postracial tho'.

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