Friday, July 19, 2013

President Obama's Trayvon Martin Speech.

You've probably noticed I haven't said much about President Obama here lately. That's purely intentional, and if you need a refresher on why, just rewind a bit.

So, no, I'm not exactly on the hardcore #TeamObama bandwagon anymore. But don't worry, I'm not morphing into a breastless Conservative Black Chick before your very eyes either. I'm just finding less and less inclination to stick up for sh*t he and his administration are doing anymore. Call it Negro President Defense Fatigue. Or don't call it anything. I don't care. Whatever.

So when I got a news alert that the President was finally breaking his silence on the George Zimmerman verdict, I was naturally skeptical, given his "tiptoe through the tulips" approach to issues of race since being elected. I haven't watched this myself yet, maybe I will later (or not) and weigh in. Either way, here it is.

Question: What did you think?

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