Thursday, July 11, 2013

No, Mainstream Media: Black People Will NOT Riot If George Zimmerman Walks.

The George Zimmerman 2nd degree murder case seems to be limping to the finish line, with closing arguments beginning today, and the jury likely to begin deliberation by Friday. I've personally been appalled by the awful, and completely terrible job the State of Florida has done in trying Zimmerman. I won't bother rehashing my thoughts here. If you follow me on The Twitter (and seriously, why aren't you? Just go do it now.) then you already know how I feel about the state's attorneys. Go read the timeline. I'll spare myself the carpal tunnel.

In any event, many in the (primarily, but not exclusively Conservative) media have posited that should George Zimmerman get off scot free, Negroes are gonna take to the streets in the name of justice and tear some sh*t up. The Sanford Police Department is apparently so weary of such an outcome that they commissioned this video to preemptively beg people to chill the f*ck out.[1]

Honestly, that video makes we wanna riot. Seriously, what in the hell was that? Rap? Spoken word? Acapella dub step? Liturgical dance? Huh? Did I miss something here?

BTW, I love how they put the white cop in the middle, almost as if to imply that they're gonna protect white people from angry Negroes, no matter what happens. #message #3rdeye #thatsh*tisracist

Anyways, I just don't see a repeat of the Rodney King Riots should Zimmerman walk (which I suspect he will now). Black people are smart enough to know that the Feds watchin' venting by stealing a plasma TV is both wrong and impractical. I mean, the boxes are so big, and damn near impossible to fit in a back seat. I might grab a PS4, but they ain't even out yet.[2]

Times have changed, and people have other vehicles for venting. Thus, I think people will take to the streets (aka: Black Twitter) and express their disdain, and in a few days this'll all boil over. That's it, and that's all.

Me: I might go down the the Peruvian Chicken joint and steal some napkins. Lots of napkins.

Question: Are predictions of LA RIOTS 2013!!! overblown? Is the media using an outdated stereotype for the airing of black frustrations.

[1] Funny... I haven't heard anyone tell gun owners and the kooks who sent Zimmerman hundreds of thousands for his defense team to preemptively calm down should he be found guilty of something or other. Wonder why...

[2] Jokes.

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