Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let The Rioting Begin! #NoJustice4Trayvon

Last week here, I suggested that the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial would likely result in social media outrage, but no actual looting in the streets. I was at www.topbettingaction.com putting wagers on the likelihood of this not happening. Yeah, so much for that.
Protesters ran through Los Angeles streets Monday night, breaking windows, attacking people on sidewalks and at one point raiding a Wal-Mart store, while others blocked a major freeway in the San Francisco Bay Area in the third night of demonstrations in California over George Zimmerman’s Florida acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Thirteen people were arrested after multiple acts of vandalism and several assaults in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference.

More than 300 officers were called to the scene and were at first slow to directly engage protesters in an attempt to allow a peaceful end to the demonstration, Beck said. But the chief said police would take a much stricter posture in the coming nights.

Several hundred mostly peaceful protesters gathered Monday night at Leimert Park southwest of downtown LA, many of them chanting, praying and singing.

But a smaller group of between 100 and 150 people splintered off and began blocking traffic on nearby Crenshaw Boulevard, some of them jumping on cars and breaking windows at liquor stores and fast food outlets.

Several protesters ran into a Wal-Mart store, where they knocked down displays before store security chased them out, and police began guarding the door.
Let's be real here: these looters (they're not rioters) have nothing to do with #Justice4Trayvon. These are opportunists who saw an open window to procure a few free bottles of Loopys[1] and a PS3 for their "suffering". These Negroes deserve whatever lumps the LAPD doles out. And while we're at it, how about this latest "kewl Internets meme" ?!?
Trends come and go on social media, here’s hoping this one goes quickly.

People have taken to posting pictures of themselves online imitating the picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body aired on live TV Friday during coverage of George Zimmerman’s murder trial.

Done by teens, most of whom are white, Trayvoning involves people lying motionless on the ground with Skittles and an iced tea, often while wearing a hoodie.

‘I don’t think it’s very appropriate to do,’ one woman told Fox 40. ‘It hurts me, and it’s not my son,’ James Shelby, president of the Greater Sacramento Urban League, told the station, adding ‘We need more conversations in homes about how we can all get along better. In turn, our kids are educated in things we shouldn’t do.’
I can has visit from George Zimmerman?!?


Question: What's up with these kids?

[1] What ya'll know bout' that?!?

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