Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ashy Or Classy?!? Lebron James Is (Apparently) A Rapper Now.

Let's be 100% honest here: there isn't a single black man in America that doesn't think he can rap.[1] I'd go a step further and assert that roughy 50% of all black men under the age of 40 have either...

1) Recorded a rap song or
2) Made a beat.

Personally, I've done both of the above, and while nobody else (other than my family) may agree with me, I consider myself fairly decent at both. My brother and I once recorded an entire 12 song album one weekend after he was unexpectedly snowed in at my house.[2] It's really not that hard, and thanks to technology (ie: FL Studio) it isn't even expensive anymore. If you have a computer, a mic, and some imagination, you can make it happen. So it's not wonder why this hood dream is seemingly one shared by darn near everyone. Even if you haven't recorded anything yourself, there's a great chance you know someone who knows someone who did, Six Degrees Of Black Kevin Bacon style.

I say all of this, because I'm not gonna disparage Lebron James' his right to drop bars when I've done the very same thing myself. No certainly not gonna disparage him for being a rappin' athlete because that's been done several times before, and it's not like he actually needs to be in the gym improving his game. Nope, I'm gonna disparage Lebron James because he has #StruggleBars, as the "snippet" he released earlier shows.

Ughhh. With all the money this guy has, couldn't he pay someone for an original instrumental, or download some sh*t off DatPiff? Jesus, how many random Negros have already ruined "N*ggas In Paris" since 2011? Did we really need a 1,022,392,231st? No.

I don't even care what the finished product sounds like: 3 1/2 bars of struggle is more than enough for me to declare this Ashy.

Question: Ashy Or Classy? Does Bron Bron have a future in the rap game? Do you rap/produce/sang? Be honest.

[1] Not na'er one. I bet even Clarence Thomas thinks he coulda been in the Sugar Hill Gang.

[2] Before anyone asks, no I will not be sharing said songs, because it's just a hobby my family/friends and I occasionally mess around with. Don't bother.

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