Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 NBA Free Agents

We are approaching the “dog-days” of the NBA season, those six weeks when nothing much gets done as the league prepares to enter its unofficial “slow” period, the stretch between the end of summer league and the beginning of informal team pickup games that usually commence after Labor Day.

However, fans who bet on NBA still expect to see some movement in the free agency, despite the fact that the remaining players could prove a gamble for interested teams.

Our first thought was that Mo Williams, despite his limitations, could still do a job for someone. It’s true that he has his limitations on the defensive side of his duties but he can shoot from deep and score, all he has to do is accept that he’s now going to be a bench player and not be a first-choice selection.

He doesn’t deserve the minutes, salary, or role that he once did but he can still score points and, if he can be hidden and protected defensively, he’s well worth a gamble.
All teams need a fighter who brings energy to the team and can get into a tangle offensively and defensively. Ivan Johnson is that player and, although he started life late in the league, he can still produce the numbers.

His games not pretty but he will surely be attractive to a few teams as someone who can act as the right sort of support and protection for your scorers.

Few would want to pick Lamar Odom for his scoring prowess these days, especially as his shooting percentage was down to 42.9 last season with the Los Angeles Clippers, but what teams shouldn’t forget is that he is was - and still is - a very underrated defender. Odom could be a solid addition if he's in the right physical and mental shape going into the season.

Tyrus Thomas may have had an overblown contract in Charlotte that was made to look even worse due to some very lack-lustre play at times and his large quota of injuries but some NBA betting pundits believe that a minimum deal for Thomas would be worth a punt.

A new environment could be just what he wants to provide him with fresh motivation. He is still young and athletic, and would be a good asset to any team if he could regain his form.

It is a quiet period in the NBA but keeping an eye on these free agents may provide enough interest over the next few weeks.

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