Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Best NBA Finals, Ever?!?

Just gonna throw this out there: this might be the best playoffs ever, let alone the best NBA playoffs ever.

Just when you thought Miami was dead in the Biscayne, Lebron hits a 3, Ray Allen hits another, and suddenly the most awesome thing in all sports, a Game 7 to decide it all, is on tap for Thursday night. You guys can probably surmise that I'm cheering for the Spurs. Not because I actually like the Spurs[1], but because I really dislike the Miami Heat.

I have nothing against Lebron James as a person (seems like an awesome family guy) or a player (arguably the best athlete on the planet right now), I simply don't like the SuperTeam concept that Miami assembled to essentially purchase a title. If the SuperTeam prevails, it's essentially a death knell for smaller market (ie: The New Orleans Pelicans) or traditionally undesirable (ie: my Washington Wizards) franchises. Good players will have all the leverage and and strongarm their way to a handful of destinations like New York, Miami, and LA. Fans in the rest of the NBA cities will basically be relegated to second tier status unless they somehow managed to draft and retain a once in a generation talent (ie: OKC).

Which is why I love teams like San Antonio, Memphis, and Indiana, the three non-Miami teams that made the conference Finals. Each team drafted core players, made strategic trades, and managed the salary cap to remain competitive in their perspective small markets. The Spurs winning would strike a (final?) blow to the "buy a title" blueprint the Heat, Lakers, and Knicks have deployed for years. So yeah, go Spurs.

I don't bet on sports, but if I did, my money would be on Miami's (admittedly tepid) homecourt advantage pushing them over the top tomorrow night. Although the odds are probably too close to call. It's maybe a better idea playing casino slot games online for a better chance of winning. Many casinos offer sports themed slots games too so try finding a basketball game.

My heart, of course, in at the Alamo. We'll see.

Question: Who do you think will win Game Seven?!? Who are you actually cheering for?

[1] I don't like them. Other than Danny Green (a former Tarheel) I have no rooting interest in San Antonio. I can, however, appreciate the quality with which their franchise is run. It's a model organization, not just in the world of sports, but business in general.

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