Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mind-Blowing Belgian Diamond Heist.

The 50 million dollar diamond Belgian diamond heist has been one of the most discussed topics lately. This act of thievery of gargantuan proportions has drawn many comparisons to the events that happen in the Hollywood movie “Ocean’s Eleven”. This recent heist ranks among the biggest of recent times. After many weeks of almost absolute silence on the heist, authorities are starting to take serious action. Reports suggest that over 30 people have already been detained. To detain all of the suspects it was necessary to search in three different countries. The 50 million dollar figure that has been lost is only speculation, since the Antwerp traders are still trying to know the exact quantity of the loss. With the demand for diamonds increasing, it is no surprise that a group of criminals decided to elaborate a heist of this kind. For those interested, you can sell diamonds at

Authority mentions that most of the suspects were detained in Belgium, France and Switzerland; the 31 that have already been arrested all share something in common: criminal records. As an example, one of the suspects currently being held in France is known to be an airport robber with extensive criminal history. The airport robber has a lot of evidence against him such as the possession of large sums of cash, precious stones and luxury items.

Investigators continue to look for evidence in other countries. Other prominent suspects are a Swiss lawyer and a French luxury car exporter. Investigators in Belgium and Switzerland strongly suspect that the heist organizer is the car exporter, a 43 year old man named Marc Bertoldi. Bertoldi has a wealthy seaside house of Antibes on the Côte d’Azur and also owns a luxurious restaurant in Casablanca, Morocco. Bertoldi was detained this Tuesday in France and is currently waiting for his hearing on May 16.

The majority of the suspects are still under investigation, and no solid evidence has been gathered so far. Belgium authorities report that solving this incident is quite high on their list of priorities.

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