Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sean Hannity Loves The Blacks. As Long As They're Conservative.

I've harped on my qualms with "Black Conservatives" here many times. It seems like so many of these guys have some real self-identity issues, and use "Conservatism" as a convenient excuse for explaining away the lack of acceptance they get from other black people. I mean, seriously.

I actually watched about half of this very special episode of Hannity with my wife last night. There were a bunch of open mouth "did he/she just say that" moments. But one common theme was that very few of these people could talk about substantive examples of how Conservative policies help the black community. Instead, there was a bunch of woe-is-me victimhood, a teaspoon of self loathing, and some blatant "other Negroes just won't accept me" blathering. I really think these people, to a man, experienced some serious bullying during adolescence that now makes them ashamed of their community. This gets manifested in a very perverted mentality in which the Black Conservative is almost slavelike in defending a party which for all intents and purposes depends on race baiting as a winning campaign strategy.

I've engaged some of the people on this panel online before. When I've done so, I've always respectfully asked for tangible examples of how Conservative policy can help Black America. Instead, you get the usual BS about "the Democratic plantation" and "blacks voting like their parents did" and "free market capitalism", but nothing of substance. Instead they'll point to anecdotal examples of hard work and perseverance like Clarence Thomas and Dr. Carson, as if only black people who are Conservative actually value hard work and education.

It's almost like a Negro version of Stockholm Syndrome.

Question: What's up with these people? Do they truly believe in the GOP's policies, or is this some convenient way of not dealing with feelings of being ostracized as a child?

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