Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Control Dies A Gruesome, Yet Totally Predictable Death.

Don't pretend you didn't see this coming. Cause anyone with a set of eyes and a semi-functional understanding of Amurrica surely saw this end result the moment President Obama muttered the words "gun control" back in December.
President Obama’s ambitious effort to overhaul the nation’s gun laws in response to December’s school massacre in Connecticut suffered a resounding defeat Wednesday, when every major proposal he championed fell apart on the Senate floor.

It was a stunning collapse for gun-control advocates just four months after the deaths of 20 children and six adults in Newtown led the president and many others to believe that the political climate on guns had been altered in their favor.

The national drive for laws that might prevent another mass shooting unraveled under intense pressure from the gun rights lobby, which used regional and cultural differences among senators to prevent new firearms restrictions.

One by one, the Senate blocked or defeated proposals that would ban certain military-style assault rifles and limit the size of ammunition magazines.

But the biggest setback for the White House was the defeat of a measure to expand background checks to most gun sales. The Senate defied polls showing that nine in 10 Americans support the idea, which was designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

“All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington,” a visibly angry Obama said as he delivered his response to the nation.
So, in short, a lobbying organization essentially overrode the opinion of 90% of Real Amurricans by convincing a handful of cowardly Senators that they'd be in the proverbial crosshairs if they dared defy the NRA.

Freakin' amazing. And in a strange way, not that amazing at all.

I almost wonder if this thing isn't actually about gun control to the Senators who voted against this, and more about disliking the President/being perceived as siding with the President.

I'mma just throw this out there for debate, even though it's not really all that debatable at all, after yesterday's verdict: Wayne LaPierre is the most powerful man in America. Period.

If dead white children and white women can't get substantive gun control legislation of even the most water-down variety passed, then clearly we, as a country, and totally f*cked.

Question: Does LaPierre have the biggest set of brass balls this side of Sam Cassell? Is gun control dead, or should the President keep pushing?

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