Monday, April 29, 2013 Random Notes.

Alright, I'm finally back, and playing catch-up. Honestly, not much going on besides sports (did I miss something?). Anyways...

Washington Wizards Center Jason Collins "Comes Out" - Frankly, I'd be more ashamed to admit I played for the Wizards than being gay (bada bing!) but props to Collins for being true to himself. While many as going to laud this as a watershed moment for progressiveness in pro sports, I'm not so sure. Collins, for one, isn't very good or very well known. Much like WNBA player Brittney Griner's recent announcement that she's a lesbian, I foresee a collective "meh" on the horizon. Collins is a free agent whose career shoulda ended a few years ago, so unless some team thinks the potential sideshow outweighs the utility of signing him as a 15th man next season, today is probably gonna be the beginning and end of this story. Now if this was Lebron or Melo on the other hand...

Obama (Finally) Appoints An AverageBro To The Cabinet - Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx is the new Secretary Of Transportation. Good for him.

AverageBro Jockey Is Favored To Win The Kentucky Derby - I don't know horseracing from dragracing, but I'll prolly tune in to this.

The NBA Playoffs Are THE BEST PLAYOFFS PERIOD!!!! - Man, those were some good a$$ed games. Even with a gang of injured stars on the sidelines (Kobe, D-Rose, Westbrook, Rondo) there's still no lack of drama and nailbiters. I don't have a dog in the hunt (what's new?) but between Chicago's epic comeback, Boston staving off elimination, and Steph Curry going all NBA Jams, it's hard to argue that the NBA's playoffs aren't the most exciting and unpredictable in all sports. Sure, the NFL has its "one and done" allure, but it's hard to replicate the crazy environment of Oracle Arena in any other American professional sport. Those fans were standing the entire 48 minutes!!! Who does that? If anyone cares to debate me on this, chime in you-know-where. And please bring some anecdotal evidence.

Tim Tebow (Finally) Released By The Jets - Let the Christian Conservative outrage resume begin. I'm still not sure of Tebow is an NFL QB, but there's a team with some ugly new uniforms with his name written all over em'. And that's a fact, Jack. Go to Maria, cause it's a match made in jersey-peddling Heaven. Welcome to Jacksonville, America's Armpit!!

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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