Monday, April 8, 2013 Random Notes

Alright, I'm finally back, and playing catch-up on some topics from the past week. Sure, this stuff's a few days past expiration, maybe, but play along anyway.

Obama Calls Good Looking Woman "Good Looking". Forced To Apologize. - If there's one thing I generally don't do as a married man, it's pay compliments to women not named Mrs. Anderson. Call me henpecked, whipped, or whatever, but my wife, and nobody else, deserves my daily quota of "damn you look good"s. I suspect the President and Michelle-O had a conversation on this topic once he got home from a now infamous fundraiser in California during which he called the state's Attorney General the "best looking" person with her job title in the country. Feminists, Conservatives, and garden variety Obama haters all weighted in, blowing what was an innocent comment about a friend into a fullblown (and contrived) media firestorm. Personally, I think the only person who has a right to be upset about this Mrs. Obama. Otherwise, the POTUS simply said something we all know: Harris is good looking, as are most successful politicians (Obama included). It doesn't take away from a person's abilities and talents to mention that they're good looking. At least, I'm sure that's what the President is saying to himself as he sleeps on the couch. Either that, or he's being forced to shop for Women dress blouses for Sasha and Malia.

N*ggas In Havana - So Beyonce and Jay-Z are apparently in hot water for taking an unsantioned anniversary vacation to Cuba. Lots of other celebs have taken such trips in the past, but since these two are officially #TeamObama, their trip has now triggered a Treasury Department investigation. And snitches demanding the investigation: two Congressional Republicans, of course. Way to "win the young vote", a$$hats. I can't wait for the Jay-Z diss track, which I could probably find at my Stock lot supplier. Then again, does Jay-Z diss anyone anymore?

Rugters Basketball Coach Abuses Players - Sorry, I know there's a lot of jerks in the media right now slamming Rutgers for firing their head coach after video of him abusing players during practice surfaced. Those jerks are wrong. If you have to kick, shove, verbally abuse, and hurl basketball at your players heads to motivate them, you're doing it wrong. And BTW, Rutgers basketball team sucks, so it's not like all this stuff was effective. This has nothing to do with political correctness or the "wussification of America". It's about a coach who couldn't come to grips with his own inadequacies (ie: X's and O's) and took them out on athletes whom he knew couldn't fight back. This being America and all, I'm sure Mike Rice, mediocre coach that he is, will take some time for "soul searching" and get another job. It happens to them all... provided your name isn't Nolan Richardson.

NCAA Championship Prediction - While "winning one for Kevin Ware" would certainly be a storybook ending, Michigan has 4 guys who will suit up in The Association next year. Sorry, but talent always prevails. Wolverines 65 - Cardinals 61.

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