Thursday, March 21, 2013

So... Yeah, About Our New Commenting System...

While I was away last week, apparently Disqus, the widely used commenting system, pulled the plug on "old Disqus, and is now forcing all sites to use the new and improved Disqus 2.0. While this new commenting system is vastly superior the prior release (up/down voting, easier moderation, live updates) it's not quite compatible with the custom CSS/XML template I currently use for this site.

So as a result, a lot of you are prolly getting some cyptic messages about not having a Disqus compatible browser when you try to checkout the comments. I'm guessing this is what's behind the dramatic falloff in new comments this week. Either that, or ya'll just don't like me anymore. I'm hoping it's the former, not the latter.

In any event, if you're using ie, just toggle the compatibility mode icon (that "broken piece of paper" looking thing in the address bar) and the comments should show up. You won't need an upgraded browser for this. The site looks a little screwy/badly justified when you do this, but fear not. This site is in the midst of a gradual re-branding/facelift anyway. I'll have all this stuff, as well as a brand new banner image (trust me, you'll love it like white women love Jim Halpert) fixed and ironed out in the coming weeks.

Ok, back to commenting...

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