Monday, March 4, 2013

Mitt Romney Is Back. Still Has No Idea Why He Lost.

I don't know who's more annoying? Ann, who seems to be in some sort of post-election depression/denial, or Mitt, who still can't figure out why he lost, even as he spouts the very same nonsense that caused him to lose in the first place.

Seriously, why can't people just take responsibility for their own actions? You break, you buy. Romney says he regrets that 47% comment, but only minutes later says he couldn't win minority votes because they love the free stuff Obama promised them (ie: ObamaCare).

I also find it comical that Mitt is worried about what sort of country he's leaving his 20 grandkids. As if those grandkids won't somehow have privileges and advantages that 99% of the rest of the country won't enjoy, simply because of their last name.

I sympathize with Ann, but come on homegirl, you lost. People don't like your husband, and that has nothing to do with "the media". And oh yeah, your sense of entitlement, as if you "deserved" to become FLOTUS didn't help either.

Now go back to the misery of your 25,000 square foot seaside estate, and leave the rest of us poor Negroes alone.

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