Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AB.com Random Notes.

It's Spring Break, so it'll be a lil' slow around these parts this week. As usual, this means it's Hot Topics time again. Here's just a handful of news items that got my attention. Chime in, and add your links below...

Justices seem cautious on gay marriage - I'm not really sure how the SCOTUS' upcoming decision will change already shifting public perception if they rule against gay marriage. What's clear to me, however, is that the fact that this case made it to the highest court is the culmination of decades of public relations (some covert, some blatant) to influence said public opinion. Seriously, look at how the stigma against gay marriage, and homosexuality in general has been alleviated in recent years. Anyone looking to push an agenda (and I don't use that word in a negative sense) would be well served to follow the blueprint of same-sex marriage advocate.

McDonnell signs law requiring photo ID for voters - The push to mainstream the disenfranchisement of voters continues in the great state of Virginia. Which for once and for all confirms why I should stay my black ass on this side of the Potomac.

The Sweet 16 of '16 - Handicapping the 2016 Presidential race, March Madness style. Whimsical content aside, one thing that's pretty clear is that beyond Hilary Clinton, there's nobody on the Democratic side who can match the enthusiasm President Obama inspires from the party's base. Which is why I think rumors of the GOP's demise are comically shortsighted. If the GOP puts Chris Christie against, say, Mark Warner, I could easily see the Republicans regaining the White House.

Wall scores a career-high 47 to fuel Wizards - As a guy who has suffered through half a decade of awful Wizards basketball, this is like Christmas in March. The knock on Wall has always been his lack of a jumper, but that seems to be a thing of the past. The sky's the limit for the team (21-16 since his return) and Wall himself (now shooting well of 45% of the floor this season). Hooray.

Jennie Rees' Road to the Kentucky Derby 2013 | Sunland success credit to Pegram's program - The latest Kentucky Derby 2013 odds are of particular interest to me this year. In addition to this great story from the Couriel-Journal, you can checkout this website for Kentucky Derby information to learn more.

Dr. Carson Responds To Accusations Of ‘Tokenism’ By MSNBC’s Touré And Others On Fox: I’m Not An ‘Uncle Tom’ - The only thing worse than a lame assed "black conservative" is one who plays the victim card. Ben Carson is a firmly established member of the 1%. Dude doesn't been to steep to this level, but reality is he's no different than any other GOP aspirant, be it Herman Cain, JC Watts, or Angela McGlowan. Shame.

Rush Limbaugh: Chelsea Clinton Adopting ‘Latest Fashion Accessory,’ An African Baby - The title says it all. I wish I could say this represents a new low for Limbaugh, but it's not.

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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