Thursday, March 21, 2013 Random Notes.

Hot Topics time again. Here's just a handful of news items that got my attention. Chime in below...

House approves short-term measure to avert government shutdown - Lets face it, both sides of the political aisle (particularly, and most regrettably the President) were using sequestration as a scare tactic to get what they wanted (tax hikes or spending cuts). It didn't result in the catastrophe predicted, and now Congress will simply pass the buck awhile longer, ensuring more such nonsense in a few months. Democracy!

BlackBerry Z10: Can this phone save BlackBerry? - The answer is, obviously, no. A better question might be will the next iPhone save Apple? Cause my contract is up this summer, and I'm prolly gonna get a Samsung Galaxy.

Buzz building for Ted Cruz for president - Wait, wasn't this guy born in Canada? Where's the birth certificate? Show me your papers!!!

Rep. Bachmann Urges Repeal Of Obamacare ‘Before It Literally Kills Children, Kills Women, Kills Senior Citizens’ - Jesus, what a headcase.

Explosive New Audio: Crowd At CPAC Racism Seminar Shouts Down Black Radio Host - Keep on expanding that tent, fellas.

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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