Monday, February 18, 2013

Obama Says "Middle Finger To My Haters!" Golfs With Tiger Woods.

A lot of black people, somewhat exasperated with the timid, often meek President Obama seen in his first term continually noted that if he simply won re-election, we'd see the "Real Barack". He'd grow a goatee. He's put some Trinidad James on his iPod. He'd go back to Ben's Chili Bowl. He'd sit courtside at the All Star Game. You know, typical rich Negro sh*t.

A month into the 2nd term, there are indeed some signs that President Obama is shifting into full-blown "I ain't gotta get re-elected, so eff' all ya'll!" mode. He brought a 102 year old black woman to the SOTU to halfheartedly puch a point about voting rights. He finally went to Chicago and addressed the city's gun violence issue, although the speech itself was not too different from the stock "raise your d*mn kids!" Father's Day speeches he has given in the past. But nothing speaks to the "I don't give a ****" nature of his 2nd term than what he did yesterday.
President Obama is in the middle of spending a three-day weekend at a posh Florida golf and yacht club. And if taking private training lessons on the links from Tiger Woods’ old coach Saturday wasn’t enough, today the Tiger himself has joined Obama on the links. This is the first time the two played together.

A White House official confirmed to the press that the president was playing with Woods, although media have not been allowed on the resort since the president’s Friday arrival to view any activity.

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and the property’s owner, Jim Crane, were also on the course, according to the official. Crane is a former Obama donor and the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team.

Woods, who is among the world’s top professional golfers, was the first person to hold all four major championship titles simultaneously. By contrast, Obama, who only took up the sport in recent years, has previously described himself as only an average duffer. His love of the game is well known however; as of last summer he had played more than a hundred rounds since obtaining the presidency.

Obama has occasionally drawn criticism from opponents for the amount of time he’s spent on golf courses, mainly complaints that it is time wasted away from the Oval Office. But he is far from the golf record holder among U.S. presidents. That goes to Woodrow Wilson, who historians note played 1,200 rounds during his presidency. Former President Dwight Eisenhower takes second place at 800, according to his memorial commission.

Woods is currently the second highest ranking golfer in the world, although his career suffered in 2009 when a messy extramarital affair came to the public eye.
I still don't know whether to label this as totally ballsy or totally stupid.

Reality is, with no more elections to worry about, the POTUS can do things like this without really worrying about political blowback. People who already don't like him will simply find yet another reason to justify their dislike. The inevitable bellyaching about wasted taxpayer money, lack of media access, and associating with the formerly squeaky clean, now forever tarnished Woods have already surfaced. The President (obviously) doesn't really care about the criticism and honestly, why should he?

Personally, I have outrage fatigue, so this is the rare case in which I don't really have an opinion one way or the other. It just is what it is. What say ye?

Question: Is this a bad political move for the President, or does it really even matter anymore? Now that the POTUS is in full blown "I Got This Here" mode, what else would you like to see him do?

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