Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris Dorner: African American Terrorist.

I'm not quite sure how to describe my facination with this Chris Dorner manhunt. It's an incredible story of vengeance, police corruption, and race, mixed into one very violent ball of fire. And yes, I realize how awful that last sentence was. It's Monday.

Anyways, I got some random thoughts on this whole thing, as I'm sure you do:
Dorner Is Not A Hero - One somewhat disturbing development I observed via Twitter was how many people were coming to Dorner's defense. Many people even seemed to be cheering him on. Black folks (in particular, but not exclusively), let's get our sh*t together here: the man (allegedly) killed 3 innocent people. He isn't a hero. I don't care how much you might dislike or distrust the LAPD, taking matters into ones own hands on some Rambo sh*t is not heroic. There's no redeeming quality to Dorner or what he's doing. Knock it off already.

LAPD Is Shady As Always - With all that said, I completely understand the distrust with LAPD. Having read Dorner's 11 page manifesto (more on that later), I find it very, very difficult to believe that none of what he said it true. I have little doubt that he blew the whistle on his colleague who kicked a homeless, mentally challenged man in the head. I don't doubt that Dorner's colleagues peppered him with racial epithets, then refuted that such a thing happened. After the Rampart scandal, I'm not sure what credibility LAPD has left. Which is why their pledge to "reopen and reexamine" Dorner's initial report of the (alleged) police brutality incident seems like nothing more than awful PR.

Shoot First. Ask Questions Never - Speaking of LAPD being shady as hell, seriously, they're only offering to give the elderly Hispanic ladies whom they opened fire on without prior notification a replacment for their truck that got shot up? Werd? Just a replacement truck? Not an upgrade? Can a sista get some leather interior and whatnot, given the fact that she's got two bullets in her back? Thankfully, these women lawyered up early. Here's to hoping they get enough money in that settlement to quit delivering newspapers forever. And to move out of LA County. Forver.

The Manifesto - Boy, boy, boy. I've read some sh*t in my day. Dorner's epic 11 page Facebook post (how exactly did they determine a post was 11 pages?) was both cryptic and clairvoyant. At turns disturbing, at others hilarious, Dorner outlined his case and sent a gang of shoutouts to people as random as Wolf Blitzer and the black chick on "True Blood". Then again, if I was planning my own deathwish, I'd prolly have a few things to say also. That list of things prolly wouldn't include props for Michelle Obama's bangs though. So yeah, this dude's sorta out there.

Media Bias - I hate agreeing with Conservatives on anything, but I can see the legitimate gripe for media bias here. Dorner's last words included plenty of shoutouts to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and just about every liberal cable news host. He also voiced (someone confusingly) the case for stricter gun control laws to prevent people like him from doing what he's doing. Yeah, that was confusing. Had some wacko written a similar diatribe praising the Tea Party and the GOP, the proverbial knives would be out right now. Then again, since Conservatives scream media bias everytime a napkin falls off a table, it's easy to understand why people no longer take their charges seriously. But I sorta, kinda see their point. This time at least.

The Race Issue - Suprisingly, the media narrative on this case hasn't really delved into the race issue. So I'm not sure I will either.

Attack Of The Drones - News broke yesterday that aerial drones are being used to look for Dorner, making him the first such target on US soil. The fact that he's being labeled a "target" tells you that these drones aren't merely being used for surveillance. And yes, you and I should be very, very frightened at the thought that some idiots could fire upon a vehicle they suspect contains said suspect. Surely there are better ways.

The Motion Picture - Cause you know there will be one, when all's said and done. I'm not sure how to make anyone in this story a good guy, but Hollywood's surely got ideas already in the works. I think Ving Rhames would be a shoo-in for Dorner. What ya'll think?

Where Is This Negro, Anyway?!? - I doubt he's in Big Bear. This dude's supposedly fairly smart. I'm thinking he's in Cabo by now. I'm just hoping their find him before any more collateral damage (whether at the hands of Dorner or the bumbling idiots pursuing him) occurs.
Question: What's your take on this story?

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