Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ashy Or Classy?!? - NBA Jerseys With Sleeves.

I haven't done Ashy Or Classy? in ages. Then again, I haven't done any of the regular features that used to be staples here in ages. You know, I got 3 kids and whatnot, so there's my excuse.

Anyways, I'm both an NBA addict, and a uniform/jersey addict. I have a collection of Big 10 basketball/football jerseys that infuriate my wife and consume an entire downstairs closet. I have the Uni-Watch Blog on my Pulse reader. So yeah, this story is of interest, to say the least.[1]
Adidas and the Golden State Warriors unveiled a brand new uniform system on Monday (February 11), sporting short sleeves and touting it as the team's "lightest uniform to date."

The uniforms will be officially unveiled at a press conference at the Warriors' Oracle Arena at 2 pm PST.

The adizero short sleeve NBA Uniform System is 26% lighter than the Warriors' current uniforms and will debut for the first time when the team faces the San Antonio Spurs on Friday (February 22) on ESPN at 10:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. PT. The Warriors will also wear the uniforms for two additional Friday home games during the 2012-13 season including March 8 vs. the Houston Rockets and March 15 vs. the Chicago Bulls.

The new system was developed by Adidas to allow for optimal performance on the court, while providing fans with a new and unique apparel option.

The uniform system is made from 60% recycled materials and features adidas' Revolution 30 technology found in current NBA uniforms -- a lightweight uniform system, which was launched in the 2010-11 season.
As a guy who suffered through my hometeam's atrocious black and gold alternates a few years ago, I gotta say these are just about as bad. The sleeves actually aren't that terrible an idea. 90% of people who play pickup ball wear t-shirts anyway. Shrinking this and making it form fitting for players isn't an awful idea. In fact, the replica/swingman jersey of this, assuming it's loose-fitting, is prolly going to be a hot item with fans. And plenty of players already sport those silly compression tanks under their jerseys anyway. And oh yeah, the Warriors are just the guinea pig; you can expect a similar look from every NBA team in the near future.

So the sleeves aren't the problem.

So what's the problem? Everything else.
The shorts are pinstriped. The top isn't.
The shorts aren't even the same color as the top.
The wordmark and numbers are comically rendered.
And of yeah, did I mention all that yellow? Sheesh.
They look like 3rd graders playing YMCA ball.
I'm gonna call this one Ashy. The concept is clever, but execution is sh*tty.

Question: Ashy or Classy?!? Should grown men be forced to work in such attire? Would you buy one of these jerseys if/when they make one for your team?

[1] If this isn't your thing, kindly move along. No need to launch flames.

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