Monday, February 25, 2013 Random Notes.

Hot Topics time again. Here's just a handful of news items that got my attention. Chime in below...

Sequestration On The Way - Honestly, I'm not really sure what the effects of sequestration are gonna be. I doubt anyone does. Sheeit, I can barely spell it, let alone tell you what it means. Predictably, both sides of the political aisle are busy blaming the other and playing their own version of "Scare You To Death"-is, as the deadline approaches. But riddle me this: if this is such a dire (aka: non-manufactured) situation, why the hell did Congress just take a weeklong vacation, and why has the President been chillin' more than Bruh Man from the Fith Flo lately? Something tells me this is (as usual) much ado about nothing. The deadline will come, a few people will get furloughed, both sides will come to a "resolution" and we'll move right on to the next "crisis". Please excuse me if I've got Crisis Fatigue™, but darnit, it's hard to really take anyone in this equation seriously anymore.

The Oscars - I didn't much any of the Oscars, just as I didn't watch many of the movies nominated for Oscars. I heard the white dude who saved D'Jango won an award, as did the guy who wrote D'Jango. But D'Jango himself ain't win sh*t. Story of America, in a nutshell.

Should The Redskins Change Their Name?!? - Shoudld they? Yes. It's downright comical that a multibillion dollar corporate entity uses stereotypical native American imagery in 2013. We have a black President, damnit! Will they? Of course not. The annual calls to have the team drop the Chief are only louder this year because the team was actually halfway decent. When the team addresses the issue by (wait for it) pointing to high schools that use Indian imagery to justify their silliness, you know they have no intention of changing anytime soon. And that's a shame, cause they could just as easily be call the Pigskins, drop the Indian on the Helmet, and be just as (many more) profitable.

Jimmy Fallon Performs ‘The Evolution Of Mom Dancing’ …With First Lady Michelle Obama - Hate our FLOTUS all you want. Just don't call the woman a stiff. Cause darnit, no other FLOTUS could pull this off (and might I add, without a single drop of perspiration). No other.

Following Backlash, The Onion Deletes Tweet Calling 9-Year-Old Oscar Nominee A ‘C**t’ - Like, seriously? Even in the world of parody, nothing about this is funny. Nothing.

Horse Meat Found in Ikea Meatballs - No joke, after I took my sons to the park yesterday, the thought of swinging by Ikea (it's right across the street) and feeding them a cheap, sleep inducing lunch briefly passed my mind. Then I was like, "nah, I gotta take them both out their seats, then get them inside, and.. awww, forget it." Thank God for parental laziness.

MC Hammer 'very argumentative' before arrest, authorities say - Apparently, the police CAN touch this. Don't drop the soap, Stanley.

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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