Thursday, February 14, 2013 Random Notes.

Happy Valentines Day, errybody. Stay bunned up, it's cold out there. Hot Topics time again. Here's just a handful of news items that got my attention. Chime in below...

Chris Dorner Burned Alive. LAPD Claims It Wasn't On Purpose - Come on, after the way they blasted that pickup truck full of Latina newspaper carriers without prior warning, you know darn well the cops had no intention of just "smoking out" Dorner. They should just be 100% honest about this.

Dr. Ben Carson vs Obama - The renowned neurosurgeon delivers National Prayer Breakfast speech blasting the President (who was sitting just feet away). Immediately becomes Conservative hero and is now entertaining talk of running in 2016.

Marco Rubio Milking "WaterBottle-Gate" For Campaign Donations - After bombing his SOTU rebuttal the other night, Marco Rubio is using the swig heard round the world to raise campaign funds. I'll admit, it's refreshing to see a public figure respond to such an awkward moment with self-reprecation. Of course, none of that obscures the fact that Rubio's speech was simply a rehash of Bush-era economic policies with a dash of Conservative victimology to boot. But hey, the guy (allegedly) is a huge rap music fan. I'll give him a pass. Not a vote, just a pass.

White Folks "Discover" The Harlem Shake - Uhhh, didn't this dance play out in like 2001? What's next, a revival of "Chicken Noodle Soup"? Speaking of which, look at this coonery.


Kentucky Star Freshman Blows Out Knee, Draft Status In Limbo - For anyone who thinks basketball players should be required to attend college, I present Exhibit A: Nerlens Noel. A routine block and an awkard landing likely cost the probably #1 overall pick millions. But yeah, stay in school. Or whatever.

South African Paralympic Track Star (Allegedly) Kills Girlfriend - Holy Rae Carruth!

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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