Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Random Notes.

Hot Topics time again. Here's just a handful of news items that got my attention. Chime in below...

As Obama calls for short-term fix to avert sequester, CBO reports falling deficits - Wouldn't you know it. Raising taxes on the rich actually helps lower the deficit. Go figure.

Virginia coin moves closer to reality - As if you needed any more reasons to hate the state of Virginia (which is quickly approaching Florida/California/Texas levels of idiocy), the state is now considering minting its own currency in an attempt to safeguard its economy against the Federal Reserve. And you wonder why I keep my black a$$ on this side of the river.

Michelle Obama’s posterior again the subject of a public rant - Here we go (yet!) again. A high school teacher in (where else?) Alabama goes on an epic rant about Michelle O's big butt and teh gheys. Student records it. Teacher gets suspended. Conservatives are outraged about this man's right to free speech being violated. The FLOTUS being disrespected by a schoolteacher in front of impressionable kids? Not so much.

Can a kinder, gentler Eric Cantor 'rebrand' Republicans? - That's obviously a rhetorical question.

Saturday mail delivery to end Aug. 1 - I think we all knew this day was coming sooner or later. I don't really see the downside, since packages will still be delivered. Waiting 2 more days to open the mailbox and see more bills isn't gonna bug me one bit. If this helps the postal service prevent hiking fees every 6 months, so be it.

Jacksonville Jaguars decide to make logo even tamer - As a guy with a strange fetish for sports logos and uniforms, I find this rebrand downright comical.

Question: Got any links/stories you wanna share?

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