Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ratchet ATL Mother Gets Tasered By Mall Security Guard.

Okay, I already realize just how late I am with this one. Give me some grace, I've been on the road all month. I'll prolly be playing catchup with some short posts for the time being. Anyways, I've only been forwarded this video about 102,932 times already, so I suppose I'm legally obligated to share some random assed thoughts on the latest viral sensation on Black Folks Twitter.

And while the security guard may have abused his authority, for those interested in additional security related devices, even stun guns and items specifically related to protection, if you got a moment, visit this security camera website. They've got quite a few products suitable for most of today's needs.

Lets count everything wrong with this video:
1) I'm pretty sure the mall security guard didn't handle the situation that lead to this incident properly. Mall security guards are pretty much notorious for having short leashes, and there's a great chance this whole thing coulda been avoided had a cooler head prevailed. That said...

2) Seriously though, what the hell kinda parenting is this? These hoodrats (yes, this would be the appropriate situation in which to deploy such a disrespectful moniker) have no sense of public decorum or self restraint. Unless the mall cop put his hands on your child (and it doesn't appear that he did) no situation warrants the response we see here. Calling the man out of his name, invading his personal space, and generally being a poor excuse for a lady are not the remedy.

3) The kids tho... man... my heart bleeds for these children. I have no doubt whatsoever that these little crumbsnatchers were in full-on Bebe's Kids mode in that mall. Their "mothers" likely did nothing (besides yelling at them in a similar fashion to the verbal abuse they're flinging at this mall cop) to reel them in. And the fact that they almost reflexively resort to calling the cop "gay" is sad on about 8,000 levels. These kids are gonna be on the wrong end of a bullet someday. Yeah, I said it. And it won't be their fault (entirely). Just as it isn't these women's fault (entirely). This sh*t don't happen overnight.

4) The taser... well, some folks are saying it was excessive force. Me? I think it was warranted. He didn't have a gun. He did warn her repeatedly. He did tell her "BACK UP!" She ain't care. And she got laid the **** out, with the quickness. Funny how those rambunctious asshole kids suddenly reverted to just being scared kids when their Mommy hit the pavement, huh?

5) You are NOT the father!!! Seriously, ain't it funny how dude just materialized out of thin air to come to the rescue of his baby moms (you know they ain't married) waaaay after the fact? Where was he when this was going down? Where was he when his kids were actin' a damn fool in the first place? And why is he announcing the fact that he'll be back at 6 o'clock? Who announces the date and time that they'll return for revenge, other than someone who isn't actually going to return for revenge? Has this moron heard of "telegraphing your next move"? Does "element of surprise" ring a bell? Doesn't he realize the rent-a-cop will just take off at 5:59?

6) How the hayell does this end up on the internet anyway?
Seriously, this is everything (and then some) wrong with America (and not just the black part) conveniently condensed into 4 minutes 49 seconds.

Where is Obama!?!?![1]

Question: Did the mall cop abuse his power? Should these hoodrats be spayed and neutered? Is there any hope for "certain segments" of Black America?[2] Where is Barack?!?

[1] Before anyone gets sidetracked in the comments, this is an inside joke, folks. Seriously. A joke.

[2] There's a Part II to this, but I can't tell if it's the same "father" coming back for revenge. Just looks like a bunch of random Negroes trying the same mall cop. Zzzz.....

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