Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rapper With 10 Babies Mamas & 11 Kids Gets A Reality Show. Negro Outrage Ensues.

I love cRap music. I love reality TV. And I've generally loved the occasional combination of the two. So please excuse me for refusing to get all worked up over the new (proposed?) Oxygen show "All My Babies Mamas".
Thousands of people are protesting a new show being launched on Oxygen TV, centered around rapper Shawty Lo and his 10 children.

Shawty Lo is starring in “All My Babies’ Mamas,” that centers around the Atlanta rapper’s “modern family” unit.

In addition to 10 his children, “All My Babies’ Mamas” stars the 10 mothers of Shawty Lo’s children and his new, 19-year-old girlfriend as well.

A petition on has already reached 3,000 signatures, with outraged replies over the contents of the show.

“By pushing these degrading images, your company seeks to profit from the humiliation of girls and women and the blatant stereotyping of African-Americans,” said the petitions creator, Sabrina Lamb.

“Stop it with the black shame. Shawty Lo is not the black community,” wrote Tami Winfrey-Harris. “If the white guys over on Gawker aren’t hanging their heads over Mick Jagger, his many children, and their mothers, then you can still hold your head high in a world where Shawty Lo and ‘Fighter Baby Mama’ exist.”

“All My Babies’ Mamas” was created by Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto of DiGa Vision.

Together, Gateley and DiSanto are the creative force behind such hit shows such “TRL,” “Run’s House,” “Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out” and others.
Personally, I'm much more offended by Shawty Lo's magic marker hairline/facial hair combo than I am with this "trailer" for the show.[1]

I've said it a million and one times in the past. I'll say it again for those who missed it....

Reality TV doesn't make Black People look bad. Black People make Black People look bad.

The fact that this sh*t actually happened in the first place is much more distressing than the fact that it's now headed to basic cable. How this Gremlin got 11 women to let him go raw is a testament to the power of absentee fathers and the soft bigotry of low Negro expectations. And how dumb do these chicks have to be in this day and age to not know how many kids a dude has. Atlanta is not Calcutta. Ain't but so many people down there. Ask around. Google him. Check public records. Heck, check World Star. It ain't hard to find out this sorta stuff. Assuming you have the self-esteem and wherewithall required.

So yeah, this happened in real life, which is the real tragedy. But all tragedies have a silver lining. Responsible parents can and should watch this clusterf*ck with their kids and use it as a "what not to do" teachable moment. And besides, we should all be happy Shawty Lo is getting a reliable check, as opposed to your tax dollars funding his football roster-sized litter of offspring baby mama's weaves and Cricket monthly calling plans.


Seriously, black folks. Stop getting riled up about this sh*t. Either don't watch it, or watch it. Simple as that. If you're really upset, go do something constructive like coaching, mentoring, or tutoring a young lady so she doesn't become Baby Mama #11.

Question: Does this show need to be boycotted? Do reality shows make black people look bad or are they merely a reflection of society?!?

[1] Okay, I'm actually even more offended by the sound/video quality. Did they make this on an iPhone/IMovie? I'm pretty sure they did.

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