Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The President B*tch Slaps Dumb A$$ed Reporter For Asking Dumb A$$ed Question.

Jake Tapper does have a valid point here. But because he's an a$$hole who loves to grandstand (some consider this journalism, I don't) his valid point is drenched in condescension. Barack clearly wasn't havin' that, and let this fool know "where he's been".

Tapper is 1,000% correct with his (unstated) assertion here: Obama didn't bother going after assault weapons in his first term because that would have been political (and perhaps even real life) suicide. Obama is a politician, and policians get elected to get re-elected. No shame in the game there.

But come the f*ck on, man. You know you're asking this question to try and make the President look bad. You deserved to get smacked, and I'm glad Obama said what he did. His retort was about 60 seconds too long, and minus the essential mic-drop/walk away jack move, but it sent the message loud and clear.

Well done, POTUS. If only you treated the GOP like this.

Question: Did Obama get gangster on this fool or what?!?

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