Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fox News Douchebag Contributor Fights Union Protestor. Loses. Badly.

I don't condone violence. I just don't. There are so many other more reasonable ways to resolve disputes that do not involve putting your hands on another human being.

All that said, I'm glad someone finally punched this asshole Fox News "contributor" in the grill. It has been long overdue.

Crowder, for those unaware, does provocative Breitbart-style "cyber journalism", with the goal of making progressives look silly. His entire goal is to agitate, then put stuff on YouTube. You might recall he's the creative genius behind that poorly conceived, definitely racist "Niggers/Knickers" joke at last year's CPAC.

So yeah, I'm just see this is payback for that ignorant sh*t.[1]

You can't make a mockery of the Governor taking food out of people's mouths, rub it in their noses, and not expect some sorta retribution. And given how heavily edited this tape is, I'm willing to bet Crowder provoked the guy who delivered that two piece. A prideful man woulda at least tried to punch back. But gotcha journalism and pride don't necessarily go hand in hand.

Props for talkin' sh*t like a tough guy after the fact and challenging him to an MMA fight (while putting an odd, probably illegal bounty on his head on national TV) while sitting there with your collar popped. Seems like punching back mighta been a little easier. But hey...

This guy's a real jerk-wad.

Question: Did Crowder deserve to get punched? Is this sorta "journalism" below the belt?

[1] My views on the whole anti-labor jack move going on in Michigan right now are pretty obvious. No need to go there.

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