Monday, December 3, 2012

Football Over Everything. Even Orphans.

Editor's Note: Yeah, this is about 24 hours late. I wrote it yesterday. It's scattered. It's now somewhat outdated. And I didn't hit Publish. Oh well. It happens.

I think it's a sad commentary that the NFL is actually having the Kansas City Chiefs play a game today, barely 24 hours after a player killed himself in the very parking lot fans are tailgating in right now.

Where's the common decency? This man killed his child's mother. Does he deserve a moment of silence? No. He is a coward. So is the NFL for putting profit ahead of common sense.

Isn't the fact that this guy shot his child's mother NINE TIMES in front in HIS OWN MOTHER a wee bit distressing? Shouldn't respect for the orphaned child trump the desire of this guy's teammates selfishly playing a pointless game for a team headed nowhere?

If someone walked into my office tomorrow and offed himself, I honestly hope my employer would give us Tuesday off.

It's pretty obvious Javon Belcher had some serious psychological issues. Did nobody in this organization notice this? They obviously don't care after the fact, but I find it hard to believe someone didn't realize this dude was unhinged. I guess they just wanted him to tackle people. Screw the collateral damage.

For a league that pretends to care about women (that breast cancer awareness month stuff is just a sham to sell pink merchandise) the NFL is sending a clear message about domestic violence today. That message is, we don't care if you hit women, as long as you can hit a quarterback.

I think the fact that the man killed himself on the stadium grounds is just icing on the cake. Postpone the damn game!!! Play later in the week. Forfeit. Don't play at all. Business as usual 24 hours later is just tacky and insensitive to the families involved. Eff the teammates. They will not be raising an orphan.

But it doesn't matter cause they're gonna play anyway. There should be a moment of silence. Not for the cowardly player, but for the woman he killed and the child he was orphaned.

Money Football over everything. Even orphans.

Question: Should the Chiefs have played that game yesterday? Is this story more about gun control, football related brain injuries, domestic violence, or the almighty dollar?

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