Thursday, December 6, 2012 Random Notes

It's obviously been a little quiet around these parts this week. Yours truly has been flat on his back/curled in a fetal position with strep throat the past few days. So yeah, there's your excuse. It'll prolly be a minute before I'm back to 100%, but here's today's rundown.
The Fiscal Cliff Cometh [WashPost] - I think it's a sad commentary on the state of American Politricks when one party gets its clock cleaned in the election, yet still learns narry a lesson. In fact, although the public clearly showed it was in favor of taxing the rich a bit more, the GOP is doubling down on obstructionism and holding the debt ceiling negotiations, unemployment benefits, and the payroll tax cut hostage. And since this is, in some odd way, a hostage negotiation, what does that make the President?!? Danny Roman?!? The Negro-tiator? Or merely the same guy who's gotten his arse handed to him in every prior negotiation for the past 4 years? Time will tell. Sadly, so will the market, which is in a state of flux as this BS gets "resolved".

Jay-Z "Rides The Subway". Chats It Up With Elderly Woman. [WashPost] - It's official. The JiggaMan's metamorphosis from dope boy/hustler to middle aged Jewish investment banker is now complete. Oy! Read the comments that follow this piece, BTW. Intriguing.

Life After The Loss For Mitt Romney [WashPost] - Interesting piece on what Romney's doing with all his newfound freetime. Hint: It involves a perpetually crying Ann, Boston Market, and horses.

Bob Costas vs Bill O'Reilly vs Guns [Mediaite] - So much for that long-overdue national conversation on domestic violence. Thank you, Bob Costas.

Leave A Comment On Yelp! Get Sued For $750k [WashPost] - An intriguing local story about the limits of free speech online.
Question: What's on your mind today?

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