Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Would You Do?!? - The Scariest Elevator Prank Ever.

I watch a lot of horror movies. I mean, lots of em'. I'm also somewhat afraid of total and complete darkness.[1] Yeah, I already know. That doesn't make much sense.

It also makes little sense to strand people in an elevator, kill the lights, then record their reactions when a scary child appears out of nowhere, The Ring style. In fact, you might argue that it's downright cruel.

No lie, this was a pretty awesome prank. The folks who pulled this off better be lucky none of the victims had a weak ticker, or they might be in some serious legal trouble. As-is, this is pretty chilling, even with the laugh track.

What would I have done? First time, I prolly woulda jumped a bit, and definitely uttered some expletives. Second go round, I'm grabbing that little girl and punching until she stops moving. I seen too many B-grade scary movies to do anything less.

Question: What would you do? Would you scream like a lil' French schoolgirl, or would you take matters into your own hands.

[1] Except when I'm trying to sleep. I need complete darkness and silence then. Annoys my wife to no end.

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