Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trinidad James: cRap Music Or Performance Art?!?

I listen to a lot of bad rap music. I mean, a LOT. I didn't make the tag cRap Music here for no reason. I made it cause, hell, I inbibe a lot of this stuff. The reasons are many, but to keep it short, awful rap music:
1) Is essential motivational music when you're working out/running.

2) Is essential background noise when you write code for a living.

2) Is essential scapegoat material for pointless dissertations about the state black America.
So yeah, sh*tty music also has its purpose. Everyone who listened to hair metal bands in the 80's can surely relate. But even sh*tty music should have standards. At what point is sh*tty music "art", and at what point is sh*tty music "performance art".

The latest cRapper to blow up from Atlanta (Or Clayton County? Or Decatur. Or somewhere in the state of Georgia, does it really matter?) Trinidad James, is a case study in this strange phenomenon. Because for the life of me, I still can't figure out if this guy's a joke, or if the joke's on us.

Man, where do I begin with all the random f*ckery in this video?!?
Kids swangin' fake chains around their necks.

Red pants. Leopard print shirt. House shoes. Headband. #swagg

Why does this bama have moobs?

What's with that panda hat? I think my son has that one.

What's with the newborn puppy?

Why is that bama ice grillin' while being pushed in a shopping cart?

How much of that gold is actually gold, as opposed to spray painted mall jewelry?

Is this what happened to Jerome from Martin?!?
Sorry, I'm still not 100% certain this isn't a joke. I was waiting for the "New episodes of Key & Peele on Comedy Central!" tagline at the end, but it never showed up. So maybe this is real.

Either way, it's on my iPod.

Don't beleeee me just watch.

Question: Is this Negro for real, or is this some joke I'm just not privvy to since I don't live in the traaap?!? Admit it, this song is sorta catchy tho, #amirite?

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