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Paul Ryan Thinks "Urban" Voters Won The Election For Obama.

Wow, I'm bloggin' like a muv this week. This must be some new record for new posts. I'm sure some of ya'll are wondering why I haven't chimed in on the whole General Petraeus Harem[1] story yet. The answer's simple: what more can I say? The man creeped. The man got busted. It's a story so old, it's only in the bible, ohh, about 2,342 times. So moving right along, nothing to see there.

Besides, reading the election post mortem is a lot more interesting that hearing about how two grownups exchanged salicious emails by using the same account and writing each other messages saved as drafts. That's pretty clever, hell, it's actually a terrorist tactic. Nice to see those two putting all that counterintelligence expertise to proper use.

Anyways, I wanna talk about the GOP today. Not because I care about the lessons they've learned from last week's ass-kicking, but because I love picking on people while they're down. I'm just evil like that.

Poor Paul P90X Ryan finds his career momentarily derailed. He failed spectacularly on the national stage, and despite his rep as the "ideas" guy of the GOP, it's clear he didn't really have any. Never mind that, there's gotta be some perfectly reasonable answer for why his ticket lost.

Cue the ole' "Blame The Negroes" theme music...
As Representative Paul D. Ryan casts about to find an explanation for the defeat of the Republican presidential ticket, on which he was Mitt Romney’s running mate, he is looking to the nation’s big cities for answers.

“The surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race,” Mr. Ryan said in an interview with WISC-TV back home in Wisconsin on Monday before returning Tuesday to Capitol Hill for the start of the lame-duck session.

Mr. Ryan, now a potential 2016 presidential candidate, has repeated the sentiment in subsequent interviews. And he is not the only conservative who has embraced the notion that a surge of voters in urban America gave Mr. Obama the prize, as many Republicans try to come to grips with how an election they believed was theirs for the taking instead got away.

Mr. Ryan’s concerns follow on the heels of other Republicans who argue that the party’s lack of appeal to minority voters — many of whom live in the nation’s largest urban centers — has made it more difficult to win the presidency.

There is some anecdotal evidence to back up the analysis that Mr. Obama was helped by his appeal in the nation’s population centers. In Philadelphia and Ohio, for example, local news reports have documented dozens of city precincts where Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan failed to get a single vote. And in Ohio, turnout among blacks, many of whom live in urban areas, increased significantly over 2008.

In the nation’s largest cities, exit poll data show that the president won overwhelmingly, earning almost 7 out of every 10 votes. In some states, like Pennsylvania, Mr. Obama did even better in the big cities, winning 85 percent of the vote. Mr. Romney won the nation’s suburbs by a narrow margin.
Sorry, Mr. P90X can try and spin this any way he likes, but his sentiment here is no different than Bill Clinton's post-South Carolina Obama diss in 08'. He's basically saying they lost because (the nerve of them!) all those inner city blacks showed up and voted, despite all our efforts to prevent them from doing so. He clearly doesn't mean "Latinos" here, he means "Negroes". Make no mistake.

And here's why Ryan, and his party, will learn absolutely zilch from last week's election and are doomed to lose again in 2016. Because they simply chalk Obama's win up to "blacks voting for blacks", and miss some finer points of the election returns. You know, like this...
But pointing to urban voters for the Republican failure to win last week does not take into account that the Republican ticket also lost big in some rural, mostly white states, like Iowa and New Hampshire.
And this...
“In our state, urban voters had two good reasons to come out,” said Senator Bob Casey, Democrat of Pennsylvania. “One was to support the president, and the other was the state had tried to implement voter ID laws. But assigning one factor to the case of an electoral defeat is usually pretty dangerous.”
And of course... most emphatically, this...
Ryan lost his hometown of Janesville twice: by 10 points for Congress and by 25 points for vice president. And the GOP ticket lost the battleground state of Wisconsin by 7 points in a race Republicans thought would be far closer. In Ryan's southern Wisconsin district, the Romney-Ryan ticket ran about 3 points behind Ryan the congressional candidate.
So, you lost your own hometown, which isn't exactly "urban", but blame black folks for running up the score in Obama's favor.

Yeah, makes sense to me too, Paul.

Question: Have we (finally!) seen the last of Paul Ryan?

[1] Well, say this for the man... he did have relatively good taste. If you're gonna ruin your marriage, do it big!

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