Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Wins. And So Does Amurricah.

So yeah, Obama won again. Unlike 4 years ago, which felt historical, this simply felt like vindication. Not revenge. Just vindication.

I think the American People proved for once and for all that you can't insult large swaths of the populace and expect them to vote for you.

I think the American People proved for once and for all that you can't say you're for something to gain your party's nomination, then "Etch A Sketch" your way to new positions in the general primary.

I think the American People proved for once and for all that just because you win your party's nomination by default doesn't make you a good candidate.

I think the American People proved for once and for all that you'll entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

I think the American People proved for once and for all that mediocre, uninspiring candidates simply can't win when facing a candidat who's the polar opposite.

So yeah, vindication.

On a few separate, but mostly equal, notes:

Allen West, take your 1987 high top fade and get packin'. It's been surreal.

Michelle Bachmann, Jesus spared your Congressional seat. Maybe you should start listening to him now.

Mia Love, a black female Mormon from Utah for Congress? Uh, yeah, okay.

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Karl Rove and every other "pundit" who's made a great living off trashing Obama, please have four seats.

You can now legally get lifted in 2 states, and same sex married in 3. #progress

Black folks showed up to the polls in record numbers, again. I'm sure the media will gloss over this factoid, but please don't. When it matters, we show up and show out. Beleedat!

Paul Ryan couldn't even deliver his home state. Combine that with him being completely and utterly exposed as shallow on policy issues, and I think this star has burned out.

Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and every other rape isn't that bad cro-magnon, I'm so happy you lost. My daughter's uterus thanks you for your losing efforts and general loserdom.

Hispanics voted for Obama at a 71% clip. So yeah, that whole self-deportation, Marco Rubio's awesome, show us your papers sh*t didn't endear them to the GOP after all. Shocker.

Obama won the female vote by almost 15%. Guess they value their uteruses after all.

The GOP won North Carolina again. Booooo!

Anyone who thinks the GOP controlled Congress is now, magically gonna work with the POTUS is clueless. Completely clueless.

BTW, that prior point included the POTUS, who is still on some kumbaya, bipartisan sh*t.

Stacey Dash, I hope that 6 weeks of media attention was worth it. Black folks is prolly done with you for now.

GOP pundits are already mapping out strategies for 2014 and 2016. They ain't workin' with Obama. The sooner he figures this out, the better.

Get ready for 4 more years of gridlock, middling jobs numbers, fear mongering, sneak dissin', and general frustration. So yeah, basically, just like 2009-2012, with grayer hair.

Question: What are your post-election takeaways? Did the outcome surprise you at all?

* Is that #2Termz pic my screensaver today? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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