Monday, November 12, 2012

New Left Media Covers A Romney Event In Ohio.

Sure, this is a few weeks late, but it's still good stuff. And yes, I'm still somewhat confused about why these New Left Media guys don't have a real media job by now. Chase Whiteside's ability to put his interview subjects at ease, then get them to talk unfiltered without really imposing his viewpoint (except when it's necessary, and hardly in an insulting manner when he does) is downright masterful.

Sure, there's some level of manipulation going on here, as the interviewer clearly chooses to air people who look clueless rather than informed. To Whiteside's credit, he does provide outtake footage, so there's that.

This video does give you a level of insight that you simply can't get anywhere else, certainly not via the mainstream media. So props to Chase Whiteside.

Double props to Whiteside, who is in fact gay, for not smacking some of these fools. Now that's what I call constraint.

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