Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Officially "Blame Everything On Obama" Season.

After Sandy prevented me from exercising my Constitutional right (among other things) I finally voted this morning. If you haven't done so already, I'd encourage you to take advantage of your state's early voting period. Spare yourself the heartache and long lines Tuesday.

With that out of the way, I can officially say we've not only reached Silly Season, we're now officially entering the "Blame Barack For Every Day Trivial Thing" segment of the election. Witness this tomfoolery, which (surprise!) just to happens to be a fullblown official #TeamRomney ad, rife with inaccuracies, distortions, and plain ole' bullsh*t.

As our resident Conservative business owner (you know who he is!) will tell you, you're not guaranteed a successful business just because. Without knowing anything about Bill's BBQ other than this ad, I can point out a few obvious problems.
1) Outdated and oversized location.

2) Right next door to a Taco Bell. Bamas love Taco Bell.

3) How long does the drive-thru take? See point 2.

4) The place in dingy and poorly lit. You're already losing patrons there.

5) 800 items on the menu. Simplify.
Beyond these obvious issues, it's hard to understand why this woman has the nerve to blame Obama for her lack of business savvy. Maybe she's simply not as good a business person as her family members who once ran the joint. When the economy went down (under Bush!) did she adjust her prices/inventory/menu accordingly?

None of this is the President's fault. Blame him for the economy not recovering sooner, sure. But don't blame him for your multiple health code violations. Don't blame him for your inability to keep up with the ever-expanding BBQ joint competition in Richmond. And don't blame him when you financially supported John McCain in 08'. All of these things are true.

One thing also true, but missing from this ad: personal responsibility.

Get some.

Question: Is this ad just another example of the typical sleaze #TeamRomney is throwing out here at the 11th hour, or does this poor unemployed woman have a point?

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