Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fear Of A Black Woman.

True Confession: I hate playing the race card. Hate it. Not because I don't think racism exists (duh!), but because the moment you attempt to discuss matters of race, lines of communication typically dissolve. And as I've said before, in post-racial Amurrica, nobody is actually racist anymore, so ultimately such a discussion becomes an exercise in futility. You know, sorta like a Washington Wizards game. Unless, of course, you're the opposition. Cause beating the Wizards is not really all that hard.

But I digress.

I can't help but watch the way the first Obama term has played out, and not see some strains of clear racism in the way the administration is critiqued. Obama himself merely made a lame (but "stupidly" worded) point about police brutality a month into his term and has been labeled as a race baiter ever since. The Black Panthers have about as much relevance to Black America as a One Direction CD, but they're somehow responsible for the wholesale theft of two elections. And there's poor Eric Holder, the one black guy who's been picked on more than Obama himself Chris Brown Yung Berg Michael Vick.

But somehow, this pales in comparison to how the opposition has tarred and feathered women of color the past 4 years. Who can forget all the rabble rousing about Michelle-O's alleged (but oddly never disclosed) "Whitey Tape", her trip to Spain, and her silly assertion that kids should actually exercise every now and then? "Wise Latina" Sonya Sotomayor was given the fullblown, culturally ignorant I Love Lucy treatment[1] during her SCOTUS nomination. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin's nomination was temporarily held up because the GOP thought she was too fat (well, that wasn't the only reason, but it was up there).

And then there's the latest victim, Susan Rice.
With Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham renewing their criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice after she visited Capitol Hill to answer lawmakers' questions about the Benghazi attack, any glimmers of hope that Rice's probable nomination as secretary of state wouldn't spur a political battle have once again dimmed.

Regardless of the specific criticisms that McCain and Graham have leveled against the administration's Benghazi response, Rice has been their main target: In numerous media appearances, the two senators have called Rice everything from "incompetent" to "not very bright" to "deeply troubling." Even White House press secretary Jay Carney couldn't resist pointing out their "obsession" at Tuesday's press briefing.
I'll be honest here: I don't really care too much about what happened in Bengazi. Sorry, I just don't. Yes, I mourn the loss of lives at the hands of what appears to have been a premeditated terrorist attack. That sorta goes without saying. But in the grand scheme of things, this really isn't a huge deal. Embassy attacks happen all the time. No, literally, all the time. So what makes this one so special, and so damning to the previously well-regarded Rice's shot at Secretary of State?

Sorry, I'd love to call this something other than racism/sexism, but I simply can't. McCain and Graham seem to have some strange obsession/hard on with ruining Rice's promotion that have little to do with her sterling qualifications. While I don't think Rice was being 100% transpararent when she (mistakenly IMHO) made the rounds on those Sunday talk shows, I understand why she wouldn't be. It's called National Security for a reason. We don't need to know everything. We never have, we never will. And we certainly don't need to be broadcasting our playbook to the very people who harmed us. Rice's somewhat coy initial response was understandable. The GOP's dogmatic, months long crusade to uncover a conspiracy just isn't.

Seriously, what are they implying here that Rice is covering up that's so damning? That Obama callously disregarded calls for help? That Obama (and Rice) ordered the attack themselves? That the New Black Panther Party is responsible, but Eric Holder is covering it up for them, just cause they black? Seriously, where's the smoking gun here?

It's clear to me that there was indeed a premeditated attack on an embassy that was ill prepared to handle such an incident, leading to the death of 4 Americans. It's also clear that given the short advance notice, getting additional help would have been impossible. That's it, and that's all. I'm not saying this couldn't have been avoided. Just that it clearly wasn't. And that's not Rice's fault, unless she's got some amazing Iron Man suit that allows her to fly from Chevy Chase to Syria in 30 minutes. I doubt she has such a suit. Or maybe she does, and that's the coverup.


Or maybe this is just what it looks like: The GOP using a woman of color as foil (yet again!) to "play to their base". Just ask Lani Guinier, or Jocelyn Elders, or Maxine Waters, or Barbara Lee aor Cynthia McKinney how that feels.

Good luck, Susan Rice. You'll need it. Apparently being qualified isn't enough anymore.

Question: Is the GOP's oppostion to Susan Rice's handling of the Benghazi attack legit and genuine, or are they once again "playing to their base"?!?

[1] Seriously. What. The. F*ck?!?

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