Monday, November 12, 2012

College Basketball Is (Finally!) Back!!!

For obvious reasons for someone with even a casual understanding of my sporting fandom and NBA team of choice, I'm very happy to see that the NCAA basketball season is finally back in full swing. Seriously, it's been tough watching my Wizards stumble out the gate with 5 straight losses to begin the season. When your NBA team sucks, the entire NBA sucks. I couldn't care less about the Hollywood coaching drama unfolding in LA, the Knicks' sudden resurgence, or Miami's rocky start. Don't care at all. And till my team wins a game I won't.

Thank you Basketball Jesus for the NCAA!

It's a little early for 2013 March Madness betting, but based on early games, I'm gonna put my money on Indiana winning it all for the first time since... Keith Smart?!? Has it really been that long? Wow. Either way, with Cody Zeller looking like the best white college big man since Christian Laettner and a solid surrounding cast, anything can happen.

Anything but a Wizards' win.

Question: What's up with the Lakers blowing that Phil Jackson hiring? Watched any college ball yet? Whose great idea was it to play games on aircraft carriers at night?

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