Friday, October 12, 2012

The Infamous Gay Kappa Wedding.

I've only been sent this video about 1,911 times this week, by people who assume I'm supposed to have something of importance to say because one of these guys (not both) is a fellow Kappa man, and also because I'm supposed to be outraged about the use of fraternity colors in a gay wedding cermony.

The groom who happens to be a Nupe (they're not both frat) said that the wedding colors were actuallly red and white, not Krimson & Kreme. Not that it would matter either way.

Some are (presumably) upset because a Kappa man, the epitome of sauveness, would dare marry a guy. Whatever. I've known bruhs who were clearly gay, but put on a manly front for obvious reasons.[1] Again, whatever. If these guys are happy, more power to them. Marriage is lovely. It's also no cakewalk. Any person willing to sign up for an institution so conseptually comically absurd, yet still beautiful nonetheless, has my props. Gender of the spouse doesn't matter.

So basically, nothing (whatsoever) to see here. Period. Move along. Just two dudes getting married. Deal with it.

Question: What's up with the outrage here?!?

[1] The very same reasons most gay people grapple with prior to "coming out".

'Gay Kappa Wedding': What's the Problem? [TheRoot]

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