Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Post-Sandy Open Mic.

Armageddon cometh. Even tho' it's Photoshopped.

Okay, not so much. Thank you Jesus, my family didn't suffer much more than some broken tree limbs and a front yard full of leaves. My chrysanthemums are pretty much destroyed too. But otherwise, we straight. The kids are back in school today, and the blog's back (sorta). I'm hoping everyone here, especially the folks in NY/NJ is safe and somewhat dry today.

Anyways, while the blog is still regaining it's legs, here's some links to talk about...

Obama Seizing Role As Soother In Chief [WashPost] - Sandy could either be a blessing or a curse to Obama's re-election campaign. So far, so good.

Romney's Jeep Lie [WashPost] - Seriously, the sh*t people will say to get elected.

Obama Leading In Ohio and PA [WashPost] - Doesn't matter. Turnout will ultimately determine the winner here.

Question: Did Sandy effect you? What's on your mind today?

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