Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AB.com Tuesday Random Notes...

Ok, run it down...
Obama Suddenly Trailing Romney In Several Polls - It was all good just a week ago. Then the POTUS went out and delivered a goose egg in the first debate, now everyone's jumping ship. That Obama won the debate on substance, yet admittedly blew chunks on style, and now sees his fortunes take a dramatic turn for the worse says a lot about the state of Amurrica. Seriously.

Jerry Sandusky Says "I Did Not Touch Them Lil' Boys Pee Pees!" - Tell that sh*t to the judge, buddy. Sandusky plans to plead not guilty to all those charges, mostly because pleading guilty would make him ineligible for parole later on. Seriously, I hope this dude gets gang raped in the showers his first full day in prison. What a fitting end that would be.

Philly Wedding Phight! -Just admit it, you were kinda relieved to find out these folks weren't black. I know I was. #realtalk

All jokes aside, a man died here, so rest in peace.

Misc Links & Whatnot: Stacey Dash Endorses Mitt Romney... Obama's "Day Late/Dollar Short" Big Bird Ad... Baseball Playoffs... Liberal Hand-Wringing And Excuses Over Obama Debate Performance... Is The Computer Mouse On The Brink Of Extinction?... Paul Ryan Doesn't Care About Inner City Violence.
Question: What's on your mind today?

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