Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama Vs Romney: Round III.

You know you watched it. And I know you wanna talk about it. So lets talk.

Honestly, while I've obviously somewhat biased here, I think it's clear Obama "won" this debate. Coupled with his performance in Round II, it seems likely that Barry will see a reasonable upswing in the polls over the next 3-4 days. But lets not kid outselves here: Debate I was a massive failure and Obama needed to redeem himself, which he did. To pretend it didn't change Romney's chances is naive. It did. Although I can't really explain why.

People, especially Conservatives, claim they don't elect people based on superficial things like "speeches" and "debate performance". Most people will likewise agree that while Obama lost the first debate on style points, substance-wise he held his own. So what does it say when he loses all his momentum simply because he gave a less than enthusiastic performance against an obviously more motivated (and prepared) opponent?

Honestly, that the complexion of a campaign, and hell, the future of the country, could change on the basis of something so flimsy concerns me. Greatly.

I suppose we'll see if these fears come to fruition. In the meantime, if you haven't yet voted, don't wait. Lots of states have opened for early voting. I'm goin' in this weekend myself. Why wait?

So, final debate tally: Team Obama 3 - Team Romney 1.

What say ye'?!?

Question: Who "won" last night's debate? Will this sway "undecided voters" or are "undecided voters" a bunch of morons who just love attention?!?

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