Friday, October 26, 2012

Conservatives Behaving Badly.

It's officially Silly Season, and surrogates, pundits, and random weed carriers on both side of the political aisle are actin' a fool, all in hopes of seeing their candidate of choice on that podium come election day.

Some folks, however, take their rooting interests a bit too far. And yeah, most of those people are Conservatives. Here's a brief smattering of such nonsense, this week alone.

John Sununu Thinks Colin Powell Only Voted For Obama Cause... Well, You Know Why. - Funny how nobody's even bothered to assume that John McCain only supports Romney "cause he White!". #Amurrica!

Donald Trump Wants To See Some Transcripts, Damnit!!! - Yet another Romney surrogate wades into the waters of racism/he's not one of us-ism, but Romney isn't asked to denounce these comments, throw this dude under the bus, or demand that he remove that orange shag carpet from the top of his head. #Amurrica!

GOP Senate Hopeful Thinks Rape Is A Gift From God. - Maybe we should allow Richard Mourdock to be sodomized. Maybe he'd change his opinion.

Sarah Palin Accuses The POTUS Of Shuckin' & Jivin'! - I love it when people make racially loaded comments, then feign ignorance that said comments carry racial connotations. Nobody would accuse Sarah Palin of being a student of history (not a student of anything for that matter), but come the hell on. Her excuse ("liberals have used the term too!") is just as pathetic as the original offense. Funny, you'd think she would have been more offended about this comment...

Ann Coulter Calls The President "The R Word" - For the record, I hate "The R Word", and won't be typing it here. If we as a society are appealing to peoples' better instincts and asking them to not use "The F Word", then "The R Word" should be right behind it on the list of no-longer-socially-acceptable terms. As for Coulter, I suspect this will be the final nail that sinks her pathetic career. Even conservatives should have standards.

Question: Which of these ingrates made the dumbest statement of the week?

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