Monday, October 1, 2012 Random Notes...

I'm back, sorta. I appreciate everyone's patience as I've been getting slammed with the Day Job lately. Still, ya'll stick with me, and that's appreciated. For real.

BTW, Blogger's new interface STILL SUCKS!!! I mean, it's just beyond terrible. So that's not exactly helping me much when it comes to creating new posts. It now takes me almost as much time to format a new post as it does to write it. No bueno.

Anyways, there is stuff to blog about, so lets get it in...

2012 Presidential Race D*mn Near Decided, Already.- I knew that Romney 47% Tape would mess up his chances, but I didn't think it would happen so immediately and so drastically. But it did. Obama's pulling away in most of the key/swing states, and there's no real reason to expect things to reverse by election day. Unless...

The First Debate Is Only 2 Days Away - I don't see Romney scoring any major points here. Sorry, I just don't. His debate performances during the GOP Primaries were uninspiring, and if we gotta be honest, he only looked good because of how hideously bad his opponents were. Not to say Obama's some Debate Master himself (he emphatically isn't) but this isn't Romney's strong suit. Obama will be forced to defend his record, but Romney's gonna have to clarify that 47% mark. One job's gonna be a bit easier than the other. Take a guess.

Paul Ryan Admits He Hasn't Really "Done The Math" On His Own Tax Policy - This should come as a shock to nobody, but for a guy who is reputed as a policy wonk, Ryan's lack of depth is finally rising to the surface (zing!). Some are even now suggesting that by adding Ryan to the ticket, Romney (by virtue of associating himself with Ryan's Medicare plan) cost himself the election. Interesting.

Jay-Z Unveils New Brooklyn Nets Jersey - I don't expect this to be of great interest to most, but if you have a strange dual fetish interest in sports and branding like I do, this might float your boat.

Sidenotes: John McCain plays the "Rebb'n Wright" Card... The Legend of RGIII grows... Wizards PG John Wall to miss 2 months (at least).... DC Sniper speaks from prison... Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams is a free man... Former Michigan Lottery Winner/Food Stamp recipient found dead... Am I the only one who thinks the NY Times web site is a visual mess?!?

Question: What's on your mind today?

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