Thursday, October 18, 2012

A-Rod Is A Real A-Hole.

No need to lie to you folks. Since last Friday's total and complete 9th inning collapse by my Washington Nationals, I haven't watched a minute of playoff baseball. Something about having your heart ripped out in such an epic fashion eliminates your desire to be bothered anymore.

Oh well, there's always the Redskins. Oh, wait, they kinda suck too.

I am well aware of the struggle the New York Yankees find themselves in, however. After losing Derek Jeter to an knee ankle injury, the Yankees now find themselves on the brink of elimination tonight in The D. If you're silly enough to think they'll win, you should bet on Yankees at to show your support on the team. And a team that's dealt with distractions and random drama all year has yet another clubhouse issue.
Alex Rodriguez did have a ball delivered to two female fans in the Yankee Stadium crowd during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, and it was witnessed by New York Yankees personnel, a team source confirmed.

The New York Post reported that Rodriguez, who had been removed from the game for a pinch hitter, had written a note on the ball in search of one of the women's phone numbers and had a ball boy deliver it to the fans. The newspaper identified the women as Kyna Treacy, an Australian bikini model, and her friend Kate Quinn.

Rodriguez is 0 for 18 with 12 strikeouts against right-handed pitching in the playoffs. He is 3 for 23 in the postseason overall.
Lets not be naive here: this sorta thing does happen. I've witness women slide their phone numbers to a team trainer/assistant coach firsthand, all with the goal of getting the attention of a star player. And mind you, I'm talking about the perpetually struggling Washington Wizards. So when you're talking the biggest star on the biggest team in America's biggest city, it wouldn't be shocking to hear that some ladies are tryin' to holla at A-Rod while he's playing. The problem is (duh!) him trying to holla back, when he's in the midst of an ALCS game, and mired in a terrible batting slump. That's just dumb.

Much like A-Rod's other notable woman-related off-field issues (Madonna, that ex-wife) this unfortunately provides just one more distraction for the Bronx Bombers. I'm sure the team's willing to put up with distractions when Rodriguez is playing at an All-Star level. He's currently not, and is a big reason why this team's probably headed home soon.

If I'm the Yankees, I's give A-Rod a new home soon. I hear Miami Milwaukee is lovely this time of year.

Question: Is this the least professional in-game behavior you've ever heard of?!?

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