Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC Day Two Recap/Day Three Open Thread.

Well what a night that was. Nope, I'm not talking about the bizarre Lupe Fiasco/Chief Keef "beef" that culminated in Lupe "retiring" via Twitter, I'm talking about Bill Clinton's defense of the Obama Presidency last night, which might be the greatest White Co-Sign™ in Amurrican history.

Random thoughts...

Clinton Speaks About Obama's Record Better Than Obama - In a very sad way, Clinton's speech illuminated all the shortcomings of our current President. Clinton defended Obama's record, explaining in plain English the total sh*t sandwich he inherited, and what he's done to fix it. He also spent time refuting darn near every misleading talking point/lie that Romney/Ryan have spewed during this campaign season. It was a masterful takedown so thorough in nature, even Fox News had to streeetch to find something to lie complain about. The truly frustrating thing is that President Obama either is humanly incapable of, or simply too politically timid to do the same. That said...

Bill Clearly Wasn't "Out For Self" - When rumors circulated that Clinton's speech wasn't vetted by #TeamObama, I expected the worst. As you know, I'm not the biggest Bill Clinton fan. Never was, and after that sh*t he pulled in 08', prolly never will be. So I fully expected him to deliver a rambling speech that talked mostly about his favorite topic (himself) and relegated defending the candidate to the backseat. You know, sorta like every speaker at last week's GOP Convention. But Clinton stuck to the script, and nailed it. I (re)gained an iota of respect for the man, and he needs to be on the stump for Obama tomorrow. Simply put, a person who can speak with credibility and connect with voters in language they can understand is a valuable weapon. Shelving him wouldn't be a wise idea. Just as Al Gore how that went.

The Other Speakers... - Were boring. There, I said it. After Tuesday night's lineup of barnburners (Deval, Michelle, Castro) the energy level was waaaaay down last night. Elizabeth Warren looks like a Scott Brown walloping just ready to happen. Chris Van Hollen could put an insomniac to bed. And while I love Kamala Harris like the rest of ya'll, her speech was uninspiring at best.

Obama Better Nail It Tonight - Clinton did the "passionate defense" thing last night. Barack better do the "here's how I'mma fix it" thing tonight, and with the bar raised so high, he needs to give the speech of his life. Without the expected backdrop of a football stadium full of delegates and supporters, I sorta feel like some of the "grandeur" is already gonna be lacking. We'll see.

DNC vs RNC - Anyone else feel like this week's convention is actually taking place on a planet you recognize? The differences in tone, enthusiasm, optimism, and yes, diversity, are startling to say the least.

Question: Did you see The Clinton Speech? What'd you think?!?

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