Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear President, And Presidential Candidate; "Where Are The Specifics?!?"

An interesting read in today's Post. While bashing Mitt Romney for his lack of platform specifics has become darn near fashionable, President Obama seems to be missing the mark with voters himself.
It looks and feels like a presidential contest, but at times it sounds like a national experiment in mind reading — a great guessing game about the country’s future.

The two campaigns insist that voters are about to make a momentous decision between sharply divergent visions for American life. But the candidates have largely failed to provide specifics about those visions, leaving voters to guess about the consequences of their choice. Almost half the voters say they want to know more about President Obama’s plans for a second term, and almost two-thirds want to hear more about what Mitt Romney would do differently.

Romney has declined to reveal some crucial details about his tax plan. If he did, Romney’s campaign has said, it would be harder to get Congress to go along with them later. “We want to get it done,” said his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Obama is equally vague about his second-term plans. Obama sometimes sketches his agenda as a list of questions, which hestill needs to answer. “How [can] we continue to build an economy that works for middle-class families?” he said last week in Tampa, reeling off five questions for himself.

It is still possible to make a few educated guesses about how Romney or Obama might change everyday life in the next four years. But only a few. In recent polls, 49 percent of voters said they wanted more details from Obama, and 63 percent wanted the same from Romney.
Whether or not you agree with the basic premise of this story, I think it's fair to say Romney has been much more vague (perhaps purposely so) and maybe even elusive. Obama's "platform" has been on display for several years now, and whether or not you like it you have to at least acknowledge that it's there.

His inability to get much of it done (stimulus, Dream Act, GITMO) has been due to lack of participation from Congress, not lack of stated vision.

What do ya'll think?!?

Question: Is President Obama being somewhat vague in his vision for the next 4 years? How about Romney?!?

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