Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC Night Two Recap/Open Mic.

So, Grownup Eddie Munster spoke last night at the RNC. I'm not gonna lie: if you're a "Real American" who lives in Real Amurricah, this speech prolly was your version of "I Have A Dream". Ryan did a masterful job of weaving his personal story of American ambition with a series of throat chops against the incumbent President. His speech was full of soaring oratory, and the crowd was absolutely in the palm of his hands. If this was the intended effect of picking Ryan over other contenders like Chris Christie or Marco Rubio, I'd say Mitt Romney's selection was spot on.

Three minor issues though.

1) Ryan lied more than a 2nd grader during Show & Tell.

2) Ryan offered nary a solution to all the problems he spoke of.

3) See Point 1) again. I mean, seriously, this was a fact checker's wet dream.

Of course, lies only matter if someone happens to check the liar. After a week full of distortions and half truths, it would be nice if Obama and Co. spend next week pointing out these minor inaccuracies. And in typical grand Democratic fashion, I'm sure they'll do no such thing.


Condi Rice also spoke. Since I like Dr. Rice, I'll say nothing bad about her here. At all.

I don't know who was on the undercard, nor do I care.

Mittens is on deck tonight. If you need a sleep aid, tune in to your local affiliate around 10pm. It'll surely do the trick.

Question: What did you think of Lyin', errr, Ryan's speech? Will the Democrats hit back? Is Romney gonna be the biggest snoozer of this entire SnoozeFest tonight?

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