Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear President Obama: "Show Us The Transcripts!!!"

Just to throw this out there: I didn't particularly care for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's unsubstantiated accusation that Mitt Romney hasn't paid any taxes for the past 10 years. It was based totally on something an "unnamed source" allegedly told him. It is utterly pointless in the grand scheme of things, because if Romney hadn't paid any taxes (which is unlikely) he probably just used every legal loophole at his disposal, thus doing nothing illegal. And finally, this tactic stunk because people considered Reid an Obama surrogate, which he really isn't. It was a silly season moment that obscured a larger point: the tax "overhaul" Romney's advocating will benefit people like him most, while shifting an unfair amount of the burden on working stiffs like, oh, 95% of all Americans.

Now that's what Harry Reid shoulda said. Instead, we got a pointless debate about Romney's taxes which he'll never release, but which probably wouldn't have confirmed anything other than the fact that he's very rich and has great accountants.

Anyways, turnabout being fairplay and whatnot, wingnuts are renewing their own "show me your papers" conspiracy from 2008. No, they aren't demanding to see a birth certificate (okay, they still are), they wanna see President Obama's transcripts.

Root seems to be deploying the time-tested "I didn't know him, nor did I know anyone who knew him" line of reasoning that worked so swimmingly for Donald Trump.[1] Hannity, of course, is no innocent bystander here, feigning mild disgust when the interview takes a weird turn into birtherland. I haven't seen two more disgusting individuals on TV since I last watched Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

Buckle your seatbelts. Welcome to Silly Season, folks.

Question: Should Romney release the 10 years of tax records? Who's more consistently reviling? Stevie J or Sean Hannity?!?

[1] BTW, what exactly did Trump's "investigators" find in Hawaii, other than Diamond Head Crater and some awesome pina coladas?!?

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